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Helix Labs is a creative development studio and product management consulting boutique, helping creators and businesses navigating change management solutions.

🔴 What is Helix Labs' DNA?

Helix Labs welcomes collaborations and partnerships globally to explore the possibilities of new technological frontiers.


We are a consulting boutique focused on product and change management best practices


We are a development studio creating and innovating upon new digital technologies  

We are a marketing and community building consultancy for creators willing to expand their true potential

🟢 About Helix Labs

Helix Labs is a creative laboratory that specializes in developing unique Web3 solutions. Our team of experts is passionate about exploring the endless possibilities of the Web3 world and developing innovative solutions that drive positive change. From art and AI to blockchain technologies and tokenomics, we infuse creativity into everything we do.

At Helix Labs, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Web3 innovation. We work closely with our clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and goals. Whether you're looking to build a decentralized application or create an engaging digital art experience, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. Join us on the forefront of the Web3 revolution and discover the power of our creative laboratory for yourself.

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Helix Labs Is Building

Curiosity is at the core of Helix. We believe that proof-of-work is shown through action and communities is the ultimate glue that bring our journey together.

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🟣 Client Testimonials

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"Creating The Foodies Tribe has been a labor of love. We're thrilled to see our vision of promoting healthy food and good farming practices come to life through this TV series."

Sinne Mutsaers

Foodies Creator. Film producer, director and actress

"Crazy Yugo's NFTs bring a unique and vibrant energy to the art world. Proud to own their incredible creations!"

Kevin Merz

Crazy Yugo Artistic Advisor. Filmmaker, photographer

"Crazy Yugo is revolutionizing the world of NFT art and blockchain technology. A must for art enthusiasts!"

NFT Art Collector


"As a film director, working on The Foodies Tribe has been a truly rewarding experience. It's a project that combines art, storytelling, and a deeper humanitarian cause, making it a remarkable journey for everyone involved."

Jarreth Merz

Award winning filmmaker and actor

🟠 Our Team

The Helix Labs team is a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in project management, crypto technology, visual arts, community management, and more. Together, we bring a wealth of expertise and skills to drive innovation and success into new technological frontiers.

Nemanja Stojanović

Founder, Product Manager, Strategic Advisor

Felix Bachmann Quadros

Producer, Actor, Artistic Performer, Creator

Kevin Merz

Artistic Advisor. Filmmaker, Photographer

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