The Foodie Tribe

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April 30, 2021


The Foodies Tribe: TV series promoting local foods, nutrition, and sustainability. Innovative use of NFTs and blockchain for community engagement and storytelling.

Follow two children and four animated characters as they embark on a food-filled adventure. Learn about farming practices, sustainable food production, and the benefits of a nutritious diet.

Join The Foodies Tribe, where NFTs connect people and a humanitarian cause. Revolutionizing TV production with blockchain technology and fostering community involvement.


The Foodies Tribe TV series executed a compelling blend of captivating storytelling, educational elements, and engaging visuals to promote local foods, good nutrition, and sustainable farming practices. The seamless integration of live-action footage, animation, and educational segments brought to life the adventures of two children and four animated characters, The Foodies, as they tackled daily eating challenges and discovered the importance of making healthy food choices. Leveraging Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology, the series fostered a vibrant community, allowing viewers to connect on a deeper level through unique digital assets, resulting in an immersive and impactful viewing experience.

  • Compelling blend of storytelling, education, and visuals
  • Seamless integration of live-action footage, animation, and educational segments
  • Utilization of NFTs and blockchain technology for community engagement
  • Immersive and impactful viewing experience, promoting local foods and sustainable practices


Engaging community support for Foodies Tribe. Pioneer in NFT-based TV production. Transparent expenses and impactful storytelling for a sustainable future.

  • Strong engagement and positive response from the audience
  • Increased awareness and understanding of local foods, nutrition, and sustainable farming practices
  • Growth of a vibrant and dedicated community around The Foodies Tribe
  • Impactful utilization of NFTs and blockchain technology for interactive and inclusive experiences

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