September 28, 2023

The Foodies Tribe NFT: Meet the illustrator & learn what's next!

The Foodies Tribe project update: Meet illustrator Toby Svanikaer from Ghana! He presented the project at NFTopia and shared his insights on community building. Stay up to date with Foodies and Helix Labs!

Toby, Michele, Han, Kevin and Mario talking Foodies @NFTopia

Meet the illustrator

After a long search, we are thrilled to announce that we have found our illustrator, Toby Svanikaer from Ghana. Toby is the perfect match for this project because he has been connected to Foodies since the beginning, having worked as an animator on the pilot episodes in 2017.

Inspired by that experience, Toby applied and received a scholarship through an education program from Netflix to attend the prestigious animation school Gobelins, l'École de l'image in Paris. He recently graduated, and we are thrilled to give him his first job out of school. Thanks to your support, a circle is closing, and Foodies is an important chapter of Toby's creative career. We are sure he will bring the right magic to create something special.

Foodies at NFTopia

On September 9th, we organized a mini NFT festival in Lugano called Nftopia and invited Toby to join us to present the Foodies Tribe NFT project to an audience and brainstorm next steps.

During his talk, Toby shared a beautiful story about growing up in Ghana, where everyone in the community was responsible for each other. He suggested that this sense of community could be a valuable example for building communities around NFT projects like Foodies.

"Growing up in Osu, Ghana, we didn't just have biological parents. We were raised by the entire community. Everyone was responsible for everyone else, and we respected all elders like parents. This sense of community was a beautiful thing. My parents guided me, but they had the support of the entire village." - Toby

What's next for The Foodies Tribe NFT project

We are currently working on the design of the NFT. We have opted not to replicate the existing Foodies characters, but to create something new. We are going in the direction of spirits, like the spirit of nature. The NFT will get its inspiration from the form and shapes of seeds, and somehow African masks will also play a role in the creation of the characters. We are really curious to see what Toby will come up with!

We have had some brainstorming sessions with Toby and given our input, but now it's his creativity that can flow freely. He has our full support to give him full creative freedom.


Here is a timetable of the next steps:

  • October: Toby completes the initial designs and we provide feedback.
  • December: Toby finalizes the designs and we begin the development of the smart contract.
  • Early Next-Year: We launch the Foodies Tribe NFT project!

Thank You!

We are grateful for all the early supporters and Foodies community that supported us through the seed crowdfunding campaign of the Foodies Tribe NFT project. We are excited to bring this project to life and to foster a unique and special community for Foodies fans around the world.

Thanks for being part and sharing this adventure with us.

With ❤️,

Helix Labs Team

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