NFTopia: A Web3 co-creative space/ship for learning, creating, and celebrating.

Event Management
Crypto Education
September 9, 2022


NFTopia was a one-day event in Lugano, Switzerland, that brought together people from all over the world to learn about and celebrate NFTs, crypto, and digital art. The event featured an NFT exposition, roundtables with industry experts, live music performances, and DJ sets.

This event concept was designed to be a co-creative space/ship where people could learn, create, and connect. NFTopia was open to everyone, from beginners to experts, and it featured a wide range of activities and attractions.


NFTopia was organized and executed by Helix Labs, Cerchio 91, Xocolat, Festival Hasard, Foodies, Kultur Shock, and the Crazy Yugo Car Club. The event was held at the Spazio Officina in Lugano, a former industrial space that was transformed into a co-creative space/ship for the day.

The event space was divided into different zones, each with its own unique focus. The NFT exposition featured a variety of digital artworks from talented local artists. Participants were able to learn about community building through NFT art and meet the artists behind them.

The roundtables with industry experts covered a variety of topics related to NFTs, crypto, and digital art. Participants were able to learn from the experts and ask questions.

The live music performances and DJ sets filled the air and set the mood for a night of celebration.

Throughout the event, participants had the chance to create a live NFT collection through AI art with Han Sessions and Artur Schmidt. This was a very interactive and positive experience for the participants, who were able to get creative and express themselves through art.


NFTopia was a resounding success, attracting over 200 people from different domains and backgrounds. The event was praised for its inclusive atmosphere, its informative content, and its fun and festive atmosphere.

Participants at NFTopia reported that they learned a lot about NFTs, crypto, and digital art. They also appreciated the opportunity to meet and connect with other people who are passionate about these topics.

Overall, NFTopia was a success on all fronts. It was a well-organized event with a variety of informative and engaging activities. It was also a lot of fun, and it helped to build the community around NFTs, crypto, and digital art.

With this experience, we have decided to bring this concept even further, in other locations, with other people. But the first weekend of September will probably remain the main NFTopia event time for years to come.

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